Traditional Occupations List additions-Railroad:

Posted 07/29/05:
The claimant is required to have exposure to Western’s products containing asbestos in traditional occupations at traditional sites. The list of acceptable traditional occupations has been expanded to include certain job titles that are considered traditional occupations in the Railroad industry. See Traditional Occupation List under the Claim Packet Information. In addition, the Trust may determine that a non-traditional occupation has received traditional occupational asbestos exposure based upon the information provided by the claimant detailing the asbestos exposure in answers to interrogatories, depositions, and other documents.”

Filing Fee Refund for Claimants site or ship has been taken off the official lists:

Posted 05/11/05:
The Trustees of WAST have passed the following motion to allow for filing fee refunds for selected claims: “If a claim is submitted for a job site and/or ship exposure for a work site and/or ship subsequently dropped from the official site list, after the claim had been submitted to the trust and before it is approved for payment, that filing fee will be fully refunded to the claimant and/or the firm representing that claimant.”

Filing Fee Refund Program for Law Firms Submitting Claims for the First Time:

Posted 01/06/05:
A law firm that has never filed claims with the Western Asbestos settlement Trust is eligible to receive a refund of the filing fee for their first ten claims filed with the Trust. Under a resolution passed by the Trustees, each law firm shall be allowed to withdraw a claim within sixty (60) days of the date of submission and receive full refund of their filing fee. This filing fee refund program will apply to only the first ten (10) claims filed by a law firm with the Trust. These first ten claims may be received by the trust at any time after December 30, 2004. (See Section 6.4 of the Trust Distribution Procedures)